Helping Our Community

From Club Member Jesse James

The Tri-County Metal Detector Club was formed 20 years ago by just a few men who enjoyed the hobby.  Since then, we have grown to over 100 active members, men, women, and junior members as young as 5 years old who enjoy our hobby and club.  Apart from the common perception that the public has about our hobby, of the old guy walking the beach with a metal detector, we are much more.  Members of our club have found, and returned, lost rings and other jewelry.  Some have found property stakes and ended feuding between neighbors.  We respond to any public service requests.  In the last couple of years, we have attempted to recover a time capsule for the Niles, Ohio High School.  After being contacted by the administration, several club members assembled at the school at a designated time and searched for the capsule.  Unfortunately, no one seemed to have a definite idea of where it was originally buried.  We have since heard a rumor that it was dug up shortly after burial.  Additionally, the club was contacted by the Columbiana Fair Board.  The Fair Board was going to tear down the old grandstands that were approximately 100 years old and, replace it with a new one.  The Board asked our membership to recover any artifacts we could for them to put on permanent display after the new grandstand is constructed.  Several of our members detected, in the snow, on a cold winter day in December.  Quite a few artifacts and coins were found and turned over to the board.  Many of the old coins were unknown to the Board Members but, easily identified by the club members.  In May of this year, over a dozen members went again to search Fairground dirt that had been removed from under the grandstands.  More artifacts were recovered and turned over to the Board.  Coins, tools, old bottles, signs, and more were recovered and given to the Board for display.  These services were all performed by our members at NO CHARGE.

     We are also available to police and fire departments to help recover evidence whenever we are contacted.  A volunteer crew can be assembled in a matter of hours if necessary.