Welcome To Our Visitors Page.
Thank you for visiting, were proud of our club and proud to have your interest. The Tri-County Metal Detector Club, LLC is based in Austintown, Ohio.  We have a membership of over 100 people, both men and women and yes, there are children accompanied by an adult, (Junior Members).   We have our club meeting the 3rd Tuesday of every month.  In the winter months we meet at the Austrintown SCOPE Building, in Austintown, Ohio.  In the warmer months we meet at different locations where we will have our meeting followed by a club hunt. In addition, in the warmer months we will have an extra hunt on a monthly basis if possible.

At monthly meetings we have a raffle where there are lots of silver coins to win and other great items, great food and desert, often event planning, and sometimes demonstrations.   There is also a club library that focuses entirely on metal detecting and treasure hunting which is available for all members..

We welcome new members and visitors.  Everyone is friendly and ready to meet new people  It seems like every new member brings new talent to our club.

Our club has members that are novice metal detectorists and old pros.  Our more experienced hunters are always available and eager to help with instruction as needed..  Every meeting  people bring their findings for others to view.

The members of our club have found literally anything you can think of from silver coins to gold rings and from old toys to civil war relics.  The metal detecting experience here is of a phenomenal caliber.

Every year in September, there is a club picnic.  There is a seeded hunt before and after lunch and lunch is normally a steak dinner with lots of goodies to go with it. The seeded coins are mostly silver and there are other prizes too.  Everything you find, you keep, all at no charge for the attendee.  But don't come if your not a paid up member with the required minimum of attended previous events, because you'll not be eligible to participate..

We, as a club, offer our services to our community by offering to find anything they have lost, whether it be an individual, a public or private entity, or a local business..  Depending on who is asking, and where it is, we may ask if we can come back and hunt on our own.  If they say no, that's ok we will give finding their missing item our best shot.  Were just glad to be involved in helping the community.  If you need to find a lost item and are within a reasonable distance, we will do our best and will not say no.

If you would like more information about our club, feel free to return to the HOME Page, under our logo you will find contact information to contact a member that can help.  Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon.